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SoSaLa-Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi


Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi was born to Iranian parents in Switzerland in 1953, but his family soon moved to Germany where he grew up in Hamburg. Early lessons on piano ended abruptly, after his teacher couldn’t stand his style of playing. From 1968-73 he played the drums at his home, causing neighbors to complain about his passionate banging. He also took flamenco lessons and jammed with friends on guitar, but none of this dabbling hinted at the future direction his life would take upon his discovery of the saxophone, culminating in the formation of his free jazz/world music group SoSaLa in NYC.

In 1979, the year of the Iranian Revolution, he began his musical activities in his own group, called Sadato Group, and toured France, Switzerland, andGermany making a special appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland). By 1984 he had recorded and released a 7 inch, but later that year the Sadato Group broke up. At this point he moved to Tokyo.

In 1985 he played with Butoh group Dai Rakuda Kan, Hoppo Buto-ha, and the German vibraphonist Karl Berger. Later he launched his own groupALEF, acclaimed as the first real multi-media performance group in Japan, using butoh and modern dancers, actors, a stripper and a pantomimer. 1987 saw the release of ALEF’S LP “Hajime” on Sohrab’s own indie label Kampai Records.

Sohrab has made guest appearances, collaborated, or sessioned from 2008 till present with the following:

Salif Keita, Ornette Coleman, Warsaw Village Band, John Kruth & Tribecastan, John S. Hill & KING MISSILE, Bachir Attar & The Master Musicians Of Jajouka, Jon Paris, John Sinclaire, Butch Morris, ASIKO, Burnt Sugar & The Arkestra Chamber with Henry Grimes, Swiss Chriss Band, Mandingo Ambassadors, Lukas Ligeti, Grand Masters Of Gypsy Music, Sylvain Leroux & SOURCE, Guston, Francis Mbappe, Pascal Plantinga Band, Pyrolator, Jojo Kuo, Brandon Ross, Al MacDowell, Dawoud, Sheikh Tairou M’Baye, Jean-Marie Collatin-Faye, Brandon Terciz, Matt Kilmer, Lisle Ellis, Oran Etkin, Bill Mc Henry, Arturo Martinez, Anders Nilsson, Peter Zummo, Dende, Billy Ficca, Chulo Gatewood, Lloyd Haber, Hassan Hakmoun, Shahzad Ismaeli, Alex Obert, Otis Brown III, Mamadou Ba and Ravish Momin.

Sohrab played as a guest or with his band at the following NY venues:

Apollo Theater, Drom, Le Poisson Rouge, Highline Ballroom, BB King”s, The Stone, Nublu, Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, St. Nick’s Bar, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Yippy Cafe, Zinc Bar, Zebulon, The Gershwin Hotel, Pianos, Coco 66 and so on.


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