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Carlos Barbosa LIMA & Celia LINDE

Carlos Barbosa-Lima: Acclaimed as one of the world’s leading guitar masters, Carlos is highly rec- ognized for his skill as a peformer and celebrated for his genius as an arranger of music for the guitar. As a guitar master, Carlos Barbosa-Lima has taken the instrument to new levels. His style integrates classical, latin and jazz. Many distinguished composers have honored Carlos by composing landmark works dedicated specifically to him such as Alberto Ginastera and Leo Brower. Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, Carlos Barbosa-Lima began playing the guitar at the age of 7 and recorded his first album when he was 12.

Carlos’ current base for concert tours is San Juan, Puerto Rico. He tours the world extensively as a re-citalist and performs as soloist with numerous major orchestras. Carlos has studied with Isaias Savio and the legendary Andrés Segovia. Carlos Barbosa-Lima records for the New York based Zoho records, with many releases since 2001. Earlier during the 1980’s and 1990´s, he recorded more than 40 CDs for Concord records.

Celia Linde: Turkish- Swedish guitarist and composer Celia Linde is one of Scandinavia’s most prominent guitarists. She was praised by Andrés Segovia for her extraordinary expressivity. Her remarkable versatility enables her to move about easily within classical and other musical genres such as latin jazz and contemporary music. As a composer, her original compositions are highly praised by critics for their color, depth and ambiance. Celia has received numerous awards. In addition, Celia has inspired many of Scandinavia’s most outstanding classical contemporary composers to dedicate and compose works for her.

She tours the world extensively as a recitalist chamber musician and soloist with major orchestras. Linde studied with Andrés Segovia, Per Olof-Johnson and Carlos Barbosa-Lima. She was a top prizewinner at The International Segovia Fellowship Competition in New York. Celia records for Proprius, Caprice, RCA, Danacord and Ze-records.

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